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Best Fried Chicken in Lahore, Pakistan – Our Food Recipe

With time a great innovative style of cooking chicken was introduced in the field of fast food. People love fried chicken all over the world. It is almost everyone’s diet spoiler. Over the years the availability of chicken has increased to a great extent and people have tried to make the best taste out of this meat to uphold their food cravings.

When it comes to food diaries it is very important to have tasted with quality. Both the taste and the quality can not be comprised on when it comes to explicit food. Several restaurants are serving in the city of Lahore known for their traditional cookery. Yet we have gathered some of the most amazing places from which you can enjoy the best-fried chicken of all time.  The best in town just like in Islamabad Monal at Lahore has a very beautiful view of Lahore city.

Lately, we have talked about the best outdoor cafes in Lahore.

So let’s now see where we can have the best-fried chicken in Lahore. We have lots of options once it comes to fried chicken:

Considering the love of fast food chains brought about in Pakistan with the same quality and expertise is again very appreciative.


The first one on our list is One potato two potatoes. Well-known best-fried yummy Belgian fries. For me, this truly is one of the best fried chicken in Lahore because of the unique flavor and perfectly crispy chicken. You’ll be licking your fingers and wanting more.


They are the pioneers of fried chicken yet they have continued to stay in the competition as well. With the finger-licking good, we can’t ignore KFC in the list for its spicy and crispy fried chicken. They attain their prestige and presence in the same manner for the last few decades.


Yes, I know it is famous for the grilled chicken burger but it also has some yummy and crispy fried chicken which is enormous believe me.

Texas Fried Chicken

Texas Fried Chicken has combined just the right amount of seasoning and flour to produce the ultimate deep-fried chicken. They serve their chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, and you can also order it in the form of a burger as well.

Mr. Cod

Nope, I am not crazy lol. Mr. Cod specializes in fish; it also serves the best-fried chicken in Lahore. The crispy, golden drumsticks, wings, and bites will leave you satisfied. Pair the crunchy chicken with its dips and sauces for added flavor and,d variety.

With all on the list, this is not it.


Twistix is a fast-food restaurant in Johar Town, Lahore, with several innovative and delectable menu options. If you’re looking for wonderful, crunchy, flavor-packed snacks, the fried chicken is fantastic. The cheese balls and cone-shaped pizzas are also must-tries. The eatery is particularly well-known for its tornado-shaped pizza cone.

Karachi’s Red Rock

Lahore’s Karachi Red Rock has several locations in the city. It serves amazing chicken nuggets and drumsticks. Fans of fried chicken will not be disappointed as it serves one of the best fried chickens in Lahore. The restaurant is reasonably priced, making it ideal for a budget-friendly supper with family and friends. The restaurant offers delectable Pakistani and international dishes, as well as barbecue.


Hardees has been bringing communities together for 60 years through high-quality, scrumptious meals. They are committed to the strongest tasting food to better serve their guests—from Made from Scratch Biscuits to Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders—with over 1,800 restaurants across the United States and locations in 14 countries. They prevail and the best-fried chicken chains for sure.

With all these availabilities we can have our carvings rested in peace easily. You can give them a try and agree with us!

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