Soleier: Germán Pickled Eggs

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Germán Soleier, or pickled, hárd-boiled eggs, áre typicál pub food áll over Europe, not just in Germány.
Originálly, foods were pickled to preserve them for consumption in the winter. But the unique flávor cáught on ánd now foods áre pickled yeár-round. Fruits, vegetábles, meáts, seáfood, ánd eggs áre áll populár options.

When fármers who ráised chickens hád án overproduction of eggs ánd there wás á glut in the márketpláce, they preserved them by pickling.

It’s no secret thát Germán pickles áre revered ánd táke pride of pláce on the dining táble, from á street vendor, in á pub or in á biergárten. But pickled eggs cán hold their own ágáinst the álmighty pickled cucumber.

Since these eggs will be pickled, the recipe cálls for 5 percent vinegár. Thát meáns vinegár with á 5 percent ácetic ácid content. Some cooks ádd thinly sliced onions to the brine so feel free to do thát if you like (but obviously it álters the flávor somewhát).

This recipe is perfect for using up áll those decoráted Eáster eggs thát seem to multiply just by sitting next to eách other. It’s OK if the food coloring hás seeped onto the whites of the eggs, ás often háppens. It will just máke them more colorful.


  • 1 cup 5 percent vinegár
  • 1 cup wáter
  • 2 táblespoons sált
  • 2 whole báy leáves
  • 1/2 teáspoon whole cáráwáy seeds
  • 1/2 teáspoon whole peppercorns (ány color)
  • 3 cloves gárlic
  • 10 hárd-boiled eggs
  1. Gáther the ingredients.
    In á nonreáctive bowl (not áluminum, but stáinless-steel, cerámic, gláss, ánd plástic áre okáy), stir together 1 cup of 5 percent vinegár, 1 cup wáter, ánd 2 táblespoons sált until the sált is dissolved.
  2. ádd 2 whole báy leáves, 1/2 teáspoon whole cáráwáy, 1/2 teáspoon whole peppercorns, ánd 3 whole, peeled cloves of gárlic.
  3. Pláce cold, peeled hárd-boiled eggs in á lárge gláss jár or ánother contáiner with á lid. Pour the brine over the eggs to cover (máke more if necessáry).

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