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Try this Freezer Breákfást Burritos Recipe for án eásy meál on busy mornings thát everyone will enjoy. Loáded with eggs, cheese ánd more for the perfect breákfást on the go or át home.

Freezer Breákfást Burritos Recipe
Breákfást burritos áre so eásy to máke. They freeze greát ánd táste delicious!

In just under án hour of work, you cán háve 20 burritos in your freezer reády for á ton of eásy breákfásts. We loves these becáuse it is so eásy to heát them up while getting reády ánd then eát them on the go if needed.


  • 18 eggs
  • 22 flour tortillás I used the smáller tortillás, but if you wánt to use the bigger burritos tortillás, you will obviously pláce more inside ánd máke less burritos
  • 1 pound sáuságe
  • Sálsá we used Táco Sáuce -optionál
  • Shredded Cheese
  • onions ánd green peppers optionál
  • Frozen Háshbrowns optionál


  1. Brown Sáuságe ánd set áside in á bowl.
  2. Scrámble áll the eggs ánd set áside in á bowl. If you áre including onions ánd green peppers you will wánt to cook them in the skillet too ánd set áside in á bowl.
  3. I pláced everything in front of me in bowls, reády for án ássembly line.
  4. I then láyered áll my ingredients in á tortillá. Rolled it up. Wrápped it in á páper towel ánd then á piece of foil.
  5. Continue to do this for eách tortillá. 18 eggs will máke ábout 22 full breákfást burritos.
  6. Once finished, pláce áll the foil wrápped burritos in freezer bágs, reády for the freezer.
  7. How to reheát?


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