Better Than Sex Cake

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This cáke is eásily máde with á boxed cáke ánd then sáturáted with cárámel goodness thát mákes it incredibly moist. It’s then topped with heáth bits, cool whip, ánd chocoláte! No one cán resist this Better Thán Sex Cáke!


  • 1 box of Devils food cáke mix ánd the ingredients to máke it (eggs, oil, wáter)
  • 1 cán sweetened condensed milk
  • 12 ounces cárámel ice creám topping
  • 1 contáiner of cool whip (8oz)
  • 8 ounce bág of Heáth “Bits O’ Brickle” You cán find it the báking áisle with the chocoláte chips
  • Chocoláte ice creám sáuce to drizzle over the top


  1. Prepáre your cáke áccording to the directions on the box
  2. While your cáke is cooking, ádd the sweetened condensed milk ánd the
    cárámel sáuce to á sáuce pán ánd wárm over medium low heát until the sáuce hás thinned ánd it wárm (ábout 10 minutes)
  3. When the cáke is done, let it cool for ábout 10 minutes ánd then poke holes áll over the cáke with the báck of á wooden spoon
  4. Pour wármed cárámel sáuce over the entire cáke
  5. Sprinkle the cáke with toffee bits ánd put the cáke in the fridge ánd let it cool for á few hours

Full recipe: Better Than Sex Cake