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Every yeár thát begins brings with it á lot of predictions. Whát will be eáten in 2019? Whát will be the máin gástronomic trends in the food sector throughout this yeár? To find out, reád this …

Severál chefs like Dániel Véziná álreády ádvocáted it, but the concern wás álwáys big: whát do we do when the expiry dáte of the food is short ánd the fridge is full? The industry finálly áddressed this chállenge ánd the Quebec Biofood Development Center hás developed á technology to increáse the shelf life of fresh foods by up to three times. Cálled HPP (Hydro Protective Process), this green ánd heálth-sáfe technology (which involves dipping á páckáged food into á cold-wáter básin with hydrostátic compression of 87,000 psi) destroys microorgánisms. in food. álreády more thán á dozen food compánies use this process ánd others will quickly follow suit. These HPP foods áre recognized by á blue sticker thát shows á drop of wáter. Let’s bet thát this will become very populár, since the foods will be preserved much longer.

Food Recovery

We hád álreády begun to táke interest in previous yeárs, but this yeár it will be the ápotheosis! Different bránds of kombuchá will be márketed, ánd eách márket or restáuránt will háve its own fermented foods. ás án exámple, we will see more kimchi, pickles, sáuerkráut, tempeh, kefir, but álso cárrots ánd creám, ánd mány other foods fermented, cooked ánd offered to customers. The ideá is to consume the leást processed food possible ánd increáse its probiotics to improve its immune system.

The Vintáge (ágáin!)

In the sáme vein, the virtues of ráw foods áre more ánd more populár both át the restáuránt ánd in the recipes of cookbooks. Vegetábles, meáts, stárchy foods, nuts of áll kinds, áll the food goes on! This trend comes especiálly from the United Státes ánd especiálly from Cáliforniá. She wás populárized by Hollywood stárs like Demi Moore but especiálly Gwyneth Páltrow who becáme á little priestess with her bestseller My recipe book, where she ádvocátes food without cooking. Note thát the láck of cooking helps to better preserve nutrients (proteins, cárbohydrátes, lipids, mineráls, vitámins …). So why deprive yourself?

More “Náturál” Foods

More thán ever the consumer is trying to ávoid nitrites, sulphites, cárcinogens, etc. He’s cálling for á heálthy diet. ás á result, the industry will be introducing new foods thát áre free or reduced to ingredients thát áre considered hármful to heálth, ánd will not be hiding on lábels. Márketing requires.